When you've been thrown out of an airlock into the cold vacuum of space, forced to comprehend the vastness of the universe in the Total Perspective Vortex, eaten by the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal, stuck on prehistoric Earth for ten years, stopped in for the end of the universe and breakfast at Milliways, been attacked by a fleet of Frogstar fighters, sampled the delights of a Pan-Galactic Gargle-Blaster, had your planet blown up to make way for a hyperspace bypass or, in general, you've lost your towel, DON'T PANIC! Reach for your handy, new, expanded and revised, Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy!

The new issue of the Guide is available now. It has been extensively updated and expanded with many new references added to its database. Also, this edition offers several new enhancements never available before! For starters, you'll notice right away that the Guide's search capabilities have been greatly improved with the addition of a new Hyperlobic Omnicognate® search engine. It indexes information so fast it'll make your head spin!

Next, new for this edition, the Guide has been totally restyled, by inter-galactic, award winning designers, to fully complement the hip lifestyles of those who carry it. It fits more comfortably in your pocket, and its new shape reminds everyone that you are one hoopy frood, who really knows where his towel is!

Perhaps, the most exciting and powerful addition to the Guide, is the HHGttGDBEM (Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Database Expansion Module). The HHGttGDBEM nearly instantaneously processes a new class of DynamicData ® which allows the guide to Sub-ether download extended entries from our new group of field researchers. For example, one of our new researchers, Ford Prefect, has been able to considerably expand the entry on Earth from: "HARMLESS", to almost ten pages, with details of some of the major swatting places to hang out.

The final, and most complementary addition to the updated Guide, is a condensed version of the Encyclopedia Galactica. Continued success of the Guide has allowed Megadodo Publications to purchase the assets of the historic work. Besides, after scanning, editing and compression, all those gilded pages made great wallpaper in our new corporate offices! Best of all, The Guide is still inscribed with the indispensable default advice you've all come to rely on so much.

Vogon Heavy Industries is proud to announce the release of their new version of their online HHGttG port. The HHGttG 2.2 now supports sound, animated images and many other exciting enhancements- exclusively for Netscape 3.0 users. Of course, Earth Internet who have not yet upgraded to the browser of choice can sill access the original Version 1.2 they've been enjoying for over a year!

The Vogon Design Group continues to break new ground in bringing the real Guide to the Internet. The enhanced interface makes it easier than ever to scan for entries revealed by Douglas Adams, the only human to have ever seen a standard issue, working example, as a result of a mix-up in the Megadodo promotions shipping office. Additionally, Earth users can submit their own entries for the "Expanded" database on any topic they wish.

You'll need Netscape Navigator 2.0 for the original release, and Navigator 3.0 to experience the latest Vogon technology. Users giddy while using Microsoft products may have some trouble, but the new version of MISE will sort of run the original version.

Connect NOW to the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy Ver2.2 !

You may obtain a copy of the Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy at major book stores throughout the Milky Way, or order direct from Megadodo Publications, Megadodo House, Ursa Minor, by sending £ 3.95 for the book plus £ 579,000,812,406 (7p) postage and handling.

The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy from Megadodo Publications- More popular than the Celestial Home Care Omnibus, better selling than 53 More Things To Do In Zero Gravity, and more controversial than Oolon Coluphid's trilogy of philosophical blockbusters: Where God Went Wrong, Some More Of God's Greatest Mistakes, and Who Is This God Person Anyway? The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy; The most wholly remarkable book in all of the known universe!

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B E L G I U M !

If you can see the above word and this accompanying text, then you are in the one place in the galaxy where the guide itself cannot be purchased. You do however, have some other interesting choices.

First, check out some links to other HHGttG sites on the Web. Here, you'll find out more about Douglas Adams- the original source of all HHGttG information, as well as links to other HHGttG resources and other interesting sites.

Then, if you find yourself in the mood, listen to some short excerpts from the Original, fantastic, BBC radio series. Click on a link below.

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We appreciate you're stopping by, and hope to be able to offer the Guide in its normal, portable, unabridged form, sometime within the next three thousand years. We apologize for any delay. Above all...


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