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Douglas Adams, hit upon the central truth of the universe, assuming that it has one, which is this: life comes as is... totally and completely insane and any attempt to make some kind of sense out of it is pointless. His definitive work, The Original Hitch-Hiker Radio Scripts, 10th Anniversary Edition, Harmony Books, NY, is the current best look at the mind of the only person on Earth who was accidentally sent a promotional copy of the Guide from Megadodo years ago.

There are many other sites on the Earth Internet concerning the information about the Guide, revealed by Mr. Adams. They each take a slightly different angle on these stories about life, the universe and everything. We have gathered them here for you, but first, a word from our sponsor:

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And now on with the links. These links change from time to time so if you notice any trouble with their content or functionality please, let us know!

Vogon approved, Hitch-Hiker's sites
guaranteed to get you all sassed up!
DOUGSOC Recently, the Oxford University Douglas Adams Society, honored your neighborhood Vogon with a link on their prestigious server. Please feel free to visit DOUGSOC at Mr. Adams's alma matter. It is the domain of the hard-core Adams fan.
Home Page
This is one of the HHGttG staples on the WWW. Mr. Hughes, a Computer Systems Specialist at the University of Michigan- Dearborn, is probibly already known to you as the moderator of the newsgroup. In addition, he has put together a number of intresting pages of his own, and this site is definatly worth a look!
"My Page"
Rajeev Deut, pondering life in the Australian outback, must have a bit of time on his hands. The site he created is a unique HHGttG resource for new and old DNA fans alike. The sections on DNA biographic information, HHGttG links, and credits are through and well prepared, but it is his "Characters" section which is the most original. He's pulled together photos from the BBCTV series and background information for all of the major characteris in the book, right down to Slartibartfast. VHI enjoys this site so much that we've decide not to send over a Constructor(tm) fleet for "borrowing" our wallpaper.
(NOTE: This link takes you to his "frames" homepage, just click HHGttG link in the top frame to get going.)
XVR27 New
An amazingly hoopy collection of links! Russell Weiser has carefully assembled the most complete listing of HHGttG sites on the Net. It's an excellent starting point for searching Hitch Hiker's pages; well organized, religiously updated and easy to read.
If an Internet page can be considered "classic", then this is it; Jean-Paul has been operating it for over 50 years! This is the page from which most of the others sprang, and by law must be included on any HHGttG links list. The first Hitch-Hiker's page Vogon discovered, it remains an excellent reference for the HHGttG buff.
Another you might want to visit is that of a hitchhiker from Betelgeuse V and a researcher for the Guide. His DynamicData ® updates about Earth cities like New Orleans are helping to flush out the database.
Think "42" is an insignificant paring of digits? This site reveals the enormous significance of this number. Deep Thought, the computer only made possible by hyper-intelligent, pan-dimensional beings, has been really busy after finally deriving "42", and he's very eager to share the number's many startling significances.

On-line Hitch-Hiker's resources
Guide to the
Vogon has finally found what you've all been E-mailing him for: a copy of Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide computer game for the PC. Jon, (, has graciously uploaded a copy for your enjoyment on his "Kick Ass" homepage. Unfortunately, I can't give you any estimate of how long it will be up before the Galactic copyright police kick his ass, but for now, here is is. Enjoy!
This is one the best ways to quickly access the five books of the HHGttG trilogy. This site allows you to load up a form, then feed it to a fantastic index browser which will then return all occurrences of your requested string by book, chapter and verse. It saves you the trouble of downloading the entire texts and doing it the hard way.
HHGttG Text
Complete and easy to access sources for the original text of all five books have been available on the Net only irregularly at best. Now a reliable, (apparently), source has suddenly re-appeared! Mr. Keith Ellis at Cornell has graciously provided a local, quick loading source. There are five separate files, totalling about one Meg.

Interesting Hitch-Hiker's sites abroad
If you have a little time, hop across the Atlantic and check out an international site. This site features French translations of DNA interviews and even discussions on the number "42" from the newsgroup. This server is a little slow, but the site is fun.
Space Agency
If France is a bit too warm for you, head north to Finland. This is a fine example of a basic Douglas Adams page, beautifully presented. Its best feature is the complete text of all five books on Marcin's local server. Establishing a connection can take a minute some times, but it is a reliable mirror site for the text.
HHGttG Page
A professional English production editor of scientific publications at the Institute of Applied Physics, Department of Plasma Physics and High-Power Electronics, Phil has has devoted a generous portion of his time to translating The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy into Russian. He plans on adding other books in the trilogy as he has time. Best of all, he provides yet another, and faster, offshore copy of the complete HHGttG trilogy.
Andy Butt's
HHGttG Page
Yet another overseas site can be found by jumping in the opposite direction, (across the Pacific), or further to the East, (depending on your perspective). Andy has put his own Aussie touch on a Hitch-Hiker's page. Additionally, he provides a mirror site for the complete text of the five books.

Good luck searching for more links off this page. Remember that this is Vogon generated after all, and if you don't find what you are looking for it's not our problem. Of course, if you have a good suggestion regarding content, or have some cool HHGttG links, please send us a Sub-ether message.

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